DVD 29 mins
AC/DC - Rock Goes To College, Essex University, Colchester
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AC/DC - BBC In Concert
"Rock Goes To College"
Essex University 1977

Source: BBC4 DVB-S, 16th February 2007
Format: 4:3 PAL DVD, logo free
Audio: mp2 48khz/256kbps
Lineage: SkyStar2/DVBViewer > VideoRedo > DVDLab
Size: 935MB approx

Both audio and video are the original
MPEG streams as broadcast by the BBC.

00:00:00:00 Live Wire
00:03:30:17 Bad Boy Boogie
00:12:04:04 Whole Lotta Rosie
00:16:56:15 Rocker
00:22:27:09 Let There Be Rock
00:29:25:14 end

Next week: The Average White Band. After that, maybe
more archive shows. We'll have to wait and see. As before,
I'll post a MultiMenu in due course when I`ve filled a DVD,
so you can burn several shows to a single disk.

btw I'll be posting Soul Britannia here, either during this
coming week if I can find the time, or the week after. There
are three documentaries and two live shows from the Barbican,
plus a soul collection from the Later... with Jools archives.


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Region Region 1
Date 1978-11-10
Discs 1
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