DVD 69 mins
TURBONEGRO - Rock Am Ring, Nürburgring, Eifel, Germany
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Live at Rock am Ring 2006

Germany, 03/06/2006


*a PT Tapers release*

This gig was recorded from the german FTA (free to air) TV channel

WDR on the satellite Astra1. Both video and audio streams were not

reencoded as they were extracted from the broadcasting TS so there

couldn't be better quality. I can assure you there isn't possible

to get any better than this, don't be fooled by the size of the

recordings of standalone DVD-recorders. I reencoded the audio track

to AC3 so NTSC players can also play it but the original audio is

there too.


01. All My Friends Are Dead

02. Blow Me (Like The Wind)

03. Prince Of The Rodeo

04. Sell Your Body (To The Night)

05. Don't Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker

06. City Of Satan

07. Sailor Man

08. Get It On

09. Wasted Again

10. Ride With Us

11. Fuck The World (F. T. W.)

12. The Age Of Pamparius

13. Back To Dungaree High

14. Are You Ready (For Some Darkness)

15. I Got Erection

16. Final Warning

Includes a menu.

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AUDIO: MPEG (MP2) 256 kbit/s 48KHz
****** Dolby Digital 2.0 (AC3) 384kbit/s 48KHz

VIDEO: MPEG2, 16:9 (anamorphic), 720x576, 25fps, ~8000Kbps

LINEAGE: WDR (Astra1 19.2°E) -> Skystar2 -> AltDVB (PID Recorder)
-> TS -> Cuttermaran 1.67 -> DVDMAESTRO


Recorded by onemanclapping (onemanclapping@gmail.com)

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Region Region 1
Date 2006-06-03
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