DVD 64 mins
CANDLEMASS - Istanbul, Turkey
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December 4, 2005
Hellhoundz of Doom & Thrash Tour
Istanbul, Turkey
PC Menu w/ Song Chapters
65 Minutes
Lineage - Unknown (I received this in a trade)

1. Mirror Mirror
2. Bewitched
3. Solitude
4. Black Dwarf
5. Copernicus
6. Bearer Of Pain
7. Well of Souls
8. Demon's Gate
9. Crystal Ball

This is a great companion to the Dec 5 show.
This show is the complete set with 2 more songs.
The screen caps don't really do the video justice.
Definitely worth it for the Candlemass fans.

Now all 3 of the DVDs I know of from the Reunion Tour/Reunion Album cycles have been posted.
If there are any others, please up 'em.

Also, as a thrash/speed old timer, I would love to see any from back in the day.


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Region Region 1
Date 2005-12-04
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