DVD 48 mins
CULT, The - Sala Zeleste, Barcelona, Spain
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The Cult
Sala Zeleste, Barcelona
November 7th. 1994

VHS master (from TV broadcast) --> SONY RDR-VX410 -->
DVD-R --> DVD decryper --> TMPGEnc DVD Author 2 (chaptering and
editing)--> VOB files --> YOU

Total running time: 46:50

Format : PAL
Résolution : 720x576
Sound : AC3
Ratio : 4/3
Authoring : Yes (By Titles)
Menu : No

Chapter 01:Intro
Chapter 02:Gone
Chapter 03:Lil' Devil
Chapter 04:Interview 1
Chapter 05:Edie (Ciao baby)
Chapter 06:Rain
Chapter 07:Interview 2
Chapter 08:Fire Woman
Chapter 09:Coming Down
Chapter 10:Wildflower
Chapter 11:Love Removal Machine
Chapter 12:Interview 3
Chapter 13:Sacred Life
Chapter 14:She sells sanctuary

No artwork.
Feel free to provide.

Incomplete show.
It contains the complete broadcast from Catalunya
TV (Canal 33). This has been one of my top videos since I taped
it 12 years ago!
Here we have a really strong performance with Ian in top
shape and attitude.

Please, feel free to trade it but NEVER to be SOLD!

Thanks and enjoy,


Edition Details
Region Region 1
Date 1994-11-07
Standard Features
Menus and Chapters
Discs 1
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