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GREEN DAY - VH1's Storytellers : American Idiot: Uncut
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Green Day - VH1's Storytellers
American Idiot: Uncut
Original Air Date: April 2, 2005
Dolby Digital 2.0 Audio
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Green Day plays their entire album 'American Idiot' as well as fields questions from the small audience regarding the song concepts.


1. Intro
2. American Idiot
3. Jesus of Suburbia
4. Holiday
5. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
6. Are We The Waiting
7. St. Jimmy
8. Give Me Novacaine
9. She's A Rebel
10. Extraordinary Girl
11. Letterbomb
12. wake Me Up When September Ends
13. Homecoming
14. Whatsername

The show was titled 'American Idiot: Uncut', but that doesn't mean UNCENSORED! The pathetic censor nazis went so far as to remove the words 'maryjane' and 'cocaine' from 'Jesus of Suburbia'! I think we all know who the real American Idiots are....

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Date 2005-04-02
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