DVD 48 mins
CURE, The - Story of the Cure
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USA  /  English

Story of the Cure NTSC DVD

A look at the history of this much renowned Rock band.
With many live clips and interview segments documenting
the history of this great band.

Source: Much More Music Digital Satellite Channel
Lineage: DVB Digital Satellite TV -> DVR 501-> HD

Video: 544X480 4:3 NTSC MPEG-2 (original broadcast bitstream)
Audio: Re-Encoded to Dolby Digital Encoded Audio
Subtitles: No

Total Size: 1.08 GB
Date of torrent: 26 November 2004


All material on this DVD is sourced directly from DVB digital
satellite TV broadcasts. The compressed MPEG video is the original data
that is used on the DVD - no analogue stages, and no recompression.

This DVD has the following special features:

1) Full menu

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Region Region 1
Date 2004
Discs 1
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