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Pro-shot tv special

Hand Of Doom
Rat Salad
Iron Man
Black Sabbath
Behind The Wall Of Sleep
War Pigs
Fairies Wear Boots

The comments below are taken from http://www.sabbathlive.com/lists/videos.html

Today, I revised my comments for the Paris ’70 show. The most interesting new revelation here is that the date we’ve been using all along is probably incorrect! I’ve found several articles in French music papers from that era that all agree on the December 19th, 1970 date at L’Olympia Theater in Paris. I have yet to find anything official from that period that says otherwise! I realize that this gig date has been deeply ingrained in us, but do keep in mind that it is probably wrong.

Notes: Paris ‘70 is one of the more famous Sabbath films, since is one of the only pro-shot films of the band during the early 70’s and an excellent one too! Originally filmed on 16mm for the Belgian TV program “Pop Shop”, it was later re-broadcast on British TV by Yorkshire and Tyne Tees Television, where it aired in 2-30 minute episodes. Footage from this show later appeared on some official releases, such as THE BLACK SABBATH STORY – VOLUME 1 and Ozzy Osbourne’s DON’T BLAME ME autobiography.

It goes without saying that this is one of the most essential Black Sabbath videos to have in your collection. The performance is top notch and it is the earliest known pro-shot film of the band playing a full concert. I get questions all the time about whether the band is going to release the whole thing on video. Given that they have already issued much of the audio from this show on the live compilation PAST LIVES, it remains a likely possibility.

Ozzy does sing some different lyrics for many songs and improvises some new ones during “Hand Of Doom” and “War Pigs”. During “War Pigs”, he even resorts to the original lyrics for “Walpurgis” during one verse. Although it wasn’t uncommon for Ozzy to forget lyrics, I do think makes it more likely that the songs were still somewhat new to the band at this show.

Although it is rarely mentioned in the track listings, “Rat Salad” is performed after “Hand Of Doom”. It would also be the last time that this song would turn up in a live Sabbath recording.

These “alternate lyrics” have given us some suspicions about the date for this show, which is well after the release of the album. Another possibility is that this show was recorded at the September 20th, 1970 show at L'Olympia in Paris. This would make much more sense, since this would have been at the beginning of the official PARANOID tour. I’ve seen some traders redating this film as 5/4/70, but this seems obviously wrong to me. “Paranoid” was not even written until the end of the PARANOID sessions in June ’70.

Recently, I discovered several article from some French music papers that state that the actual date for December show in Paris was December 19th, 1970, not the 20th as it always been written. Thierry Bauwens suggested that the actual show may not have been performed until after midnight, but I cannot think of many Sabbath shows from that period where they did play at such an hour. Most shows were done between 7:30 PM and 11:30 PM.


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